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The balcony cany chair five maintenance tips


The balcony cany chair five maintenance tips

The balcony cane chair can bring us to the comfortable relaxation perfection, the balcony cany chair maintenance methods are there? Learn the balcony cany chair of common sense is very important.
Balcony cany chair: people are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern city with indifference, more and more profoundly realize the value of return to nature, desire for intimacy with nature fusion, the bedroom decorate a room is permeated with rural breath, give yourself another living experience. Cane and big balcony founder is suitable for the needs of people.
The balcony one of cany chair maintenance method: avoid direct sunlight.
The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make cane degeneration crisp, the sun for a long time can make the yellow white rattan furniture, make local fade brown shiny red rattan furniture, bamboo rattan furniture in the expensive dry, loose, and release. Therefore, in the spring, summer, autumn three season it is important to avoid direct sunlight. Might as well use a translucent white gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, protect the cane makes furniture at the same time, also do not affect indoor daylighting.
Balcony cany chair maintenance method # 2: avoid close to the fire, heat source
In the north, the winter heating radiator is an enemy of cane to make furniture. If put cane seat close to the radiator, about a month after will find, close to the parts of the cane already dry brittle, ductile, sit after recovery; Some use the part of the natural glue adhesion are teetering. Therefore, remember that rattan products can not be close to fire, heat source, if you want to put in cane table very hot food like hot pot, casserole, must remember to put on insulation pad.
Balcony cany chair maintenance method # 3: keep ventilation
Cane was full of fine on the cross section of catheter, so the cane to make furniture can absorb the moisture of certain amount. But if too much moisture adsorption, furniture will become soft, loose structure, plane is flagging, and woven mesh breed in the mould. So, if in the south, especially in the rainy season, the cane makes furniture ventilation is particularly important. In the sun, it is better to be moved to have drafts after cleaning furniture place "blowing", can avoid mildew spot, stay dry. Never ask "dry", and carried it out of the sun insolates, a tide for contrast, cane is very easy to rapid deformation or fracture.
Balcony cany chair and maintenance method of four: to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape
The cane makes up on the shelves of books put, it is better to follow the principle of two focus, light, make the book weight to left and right sides is symmetrical, in order to prevent deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp due to the weight of the intermediate prolapse bookcase. Cane to make furniture is that the benefits of be affected with damp be affected with damp should be fixed as original shape after deformation, after dry or order, it will restore to its original shape and size. Accordingly, when cany furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp is flagging, want to find a way to reduce the load, clever and evenly to support it, to keep the original weaving shape, prevent deformation of clearance. If the seat, can be under it across the cane into square stool or receive a box, etc., to help prop up rattan, make its slow to dry deformation.
Balcony cany chair and maintenance methods of five: insect-resistant eat by moth.
When your cane to make furniture local signs bug eat by moth? Pepper noodles or sharp soon can insecticidal moth-proofing, and no damage to cane implement. Will be half Chinese prickly ash with half fine salt and stir-fry, pulping, into decay hole, then use plastic sheeting or small plastic bags pack the cavity surface, the smell is not leaked. In a pointed soon, is also the same way. Cavity surface airtight insecticidal after 24 hours, loose the plastic sheeting, local blunt note decay with boiled water, always kill residual moths. Finally dry with a soft towel, can prevent the spread of eat by moth.